What We’ve Been Up To

Dear Readers,

Oh, hi there.

I know, I know – it’s been ages since I’ve posted. Working full-time and raising sweet Caroline has been, in a word, enough this past year. Our baby girl (now a toddler, as you’ll see below) is everything. And truth be told, I was burned out from the blogging scene for a long time. I lost the passion for it, and that time was better devoted to my family. But, I do miss writing, so I’d like to revisit this space, if only sporadically and dictated by Caroline’s nap schedule.

So, what have we been up to? A quick recap of major events:

  • Returned to work full time in February 2016. Raised a baby girl into this hilarious toddler. Traveled to Ireland and California. Learned how to function on very little sleep.
  • Accepted an amazing job opportunity in Cleveland in January 2017. Moved our family from Chicago to Cleveland in five weeks.
  • Currently house-hunting for our very first home. Preparing for Caroline’s second (that’s right, second) birthday in June.

Oh, and this.

Found out our first night in Cleveland.

(A very special thanks to Amanda Celis of Bumblebee Boots Photography for the incredible photos and to April Nemeth of Little Korboose for the beautiful hand-lettered sign – two of the most talented ladies in Cleveland!)

(My outfit: J.Crew Dress (on sale!), Splendid Sandals)

I’m looking forward to a fresh start here. We’re ready to put down roots, be near family and expand our own. Our three years in Chicago were unforgettable. Some of our best memories and favorite experiences happened there, and it brought us our daughter.

And we made some pretty grown-up decisions, too. Prior to my job offer, we were considering a move back home. After Caroline arrived, our feelings towards the city and what we wanted for our future changed. (Despite my insistence they wouldn’t. Words = fully devoured.) I’m sure I sound like every cliche out there, but we wanted more. A house with a yard. Family nearby. Great schools for Caroline. A more affordable lifestyle overall. Cleveland was in the cards; we just didn’t realize how soon.

So here we are, almost three months in. We joined the rec center and the library. I’m taking prenatal yoga classes at my old yoga studio. Caroline is at an amazing school, and Mac found a great position downtown. And I’m finally doing the job I’ve always wanted to do, something I’ve worked my entire career towards. It’s messy and chaotic and often exhausting, but it’s so, so good to be home.

Stay tuned for a first trimester recap! In the meantime, if you have a minute, I’d love to hear what content you’d like to see in the future. Thanks so much for coming back.

Bloggers Who Budget: Work Wear For Less

Dear Readers,

So, this dress was a no-brainer.
the style letters: Bloggers Who Budget: Work Wear For Less

Bloggers Who Budget Work Wear For Less_Sharing My Sole | Lou What Wear | The Style Letters | Here&Now |
Pearls & Twirls | Stylin in St. Louis | Living in Color Style

This month’s Bloggers Who Budget feature is all about work wear for under $75 and thanks to one amazing sale at Banana Republic, I scored this statement shift for $53! I had stalked it for months (we’re talking since February, people) and scooped it up on vacation in Charleston. I know I’ve said this before, but I really mean it this time – this dress might just be one of my favorite pieces ever. Neon pink, 60’s-inspired, and pockets…I couldn’t have designed it better myself.

work wear for less_03 work wear for less_07 work wear for less_04

The finishing touch? This vintage pearl cuff from Candy Shop Vintage. (Yet another Charleston purchase.) Retro meets modern for a brighter day at the office.

work wear for less_10 the style letters: Bloggers Who Budget: Work Wear For Less

Budget Breakdown:

  • Dress: Banana Republic ($53 after a 40% discount off the sale price; also love this one). Style Tip: Size down on this one, as it runs large! For a leg-lengthening look, go monochromatic with tights and shoes.
  • Boots: Gap ($17 after a 40% discount off the sale price and Gap Rewards)
  • Cuff: Vintage via Candy Shop Vintage ($25)
  • Lipstick: Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick in Persian Melon ($8.54 on Amazon.com)

the style letters: Bloggers Who Budget: Work Wear For Less

For more work wear inspiration, make sure to check out the other Bloggers Who Budget posts (links above) and share your own below!

Life, Lately

Hello, Readers!

So…I had a baby and that’s where I’ve been lately. But, this face.

the style letters: Life, Lately

It’s been the most incredible six months of my life. The most incredible, the most heartwarming, the most challenging. Every cliche they say about parenthood is true. Every single one. And just when you think you have a handle on things, they change. And sometimes drastically – once breastfeeding clicked for Caroline and me, she refused to take the bottle and has never returned to it. Cue me taking an extended leave of absence from work and teaching our baby how to drink with a straw and from an open cup. Months four and five were a difficult time for our family and everything took a back burner to Caroline – work, blogging, socializing. I couldn’t be away from her for longer than three hours, as I was her sole food source until she started eating solids regularly and making progress with the cup. But here we are, and she is amazing. She now eats and drinks with skills usually reserved for older children and although these were born out of necessity, it’s pretty awesome to see. Our girl is pure joy. Unbelievably smart, funny, strong-willed, sweet, and silly. My heart explodes every day. I am grateful for every minute, every moment.

I’m getting ready for what will soon be our new normal. Caroline will be back at school full-time, and I’m returning to a promotion at work, a role that I couldn’t be more excited about. 2016 holds so much promise and potential, yet I also feel a strong sense of content; as long as my family is healthy and happy, everything else is just icing on the cake. I’m beginning this year with gratitude and humility, as these six months have taught me beautiful lessons of both.

So what does this mean for the style letters? Well, I’ve missed you, that’s for sure! I’ve missed this, writing and sharing style inspiration as I find it. I can’t promise weekly posts or a regular schedule, but I hope to visit this space at least once a month. I’m excited for an upcoming Bloggers Who Budget feature (work wear for less coming your way on MLK Day!), and I have a few post ideas up my sleeve. Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck by me these past few months, following along on social media and swinging by here on the rare occasions I did have something new up! Your support and enthusiasm for the style letters make this what it is, and I can’t wait for new adventures this year.

Bloggers Who Budget: Holiday Style For Less

Dear Readers,

the style letters: Bloggers Who Budget: Holiday Style For LessBloggers-Who-Budget-Holiday-For-Less-600pxSharing My Sole | Lou What Wear | Let It Be Beautiful | Here&Now | Pearls & Twirls | Stylin in St. Louis | Living in Color Style | The Pumpkin Spot | The Style Letters

Red cups, fair isle, and sparkle everywhere…it’s that time of year again! This month, the Bloggers Who Budget are sharing holiday style for under $100 with Lyst. And this season, I’m all about the LRD (little red dress).

the style letters_holiday style for less (Lyst)_02 the style letters_holiday style for less (Lyst)_04 the style letters: Bloggers Who Budget: Holiday Style For Less

There’s something so festive about red for the holidays, and I love this cherry popsicle hue. With a flounce hem and bell sleeves, this party dress has fun written all over it. A major statement necklace, glitter clutch, and my go-to peeptoe pumps will have me toasting the New Year in no time.

the style letters_holiday style for less (Lyst)_03 the style letters_holiday style for less (Lyst)_05 the style letters: Bloggers Who Budget: Holiday Style For Less

Have you tried Lyst yet? If not, drop everything and sign up – it’s my new favorite way to shop. Think of Lyst as the most helpful shopping buddy ever. The more you use the platform, the more it learns about you and your shopping habits so that you see all your favorite things in one place! In addition to creating a tailored shopping experience, you can also “lyst” items to plan your wardrobe, create “wish lists,” and receive alerts when anything you “lyst” goes on sale or comes back in stock. Genius. (Make sure to check out my Lyst for more holiday style!)

the style letters: Bloggers Who Budget: Holiday Style For Less

Budget Breakdown:

See more red dress favorites on my Lyst and enjoy the other Bloggers Who Budget holiday picks! We’ll be back in December with winter layers for less.