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The New Neutrals

Dear Readers,

You know me – I’m not one to turn down a bright hue or a fun print. Lately, though, I can’t help gravitating towards fall’s new neutrals. (And let’s face it – with a three month old at home, simple can go a long way.) To keep things from getting boring, I’m mixing it up with metallics, textures, and on-trend details, like the fringe on this crossbody. The best part? Each piece can be paired with something bolder down the road.

the style letters_The New Neutrals_02 the style letters_The New Neutrals_04 the style letters_The New Neutrals_07 the style letters_The New Neutrals_08 the style letters_The New Neutrals_01 the style letters_The New Neutrals_06 the style letters_The New Neutrals_05 the style letters_The New Neutrals_12 the style letters_The New Neutrals_11 the style letters_The New Neutrals_10 (Gap Dress, Target Mossimo Boots, Target Bag, Madewell Necklace (old; also love these options here and here), Stella & Dot Bracelets)

the style letters: The New NeutralsOur little photographer’s assistant.

What are your go-to basics for fall?

the style letters: Pitter Pattern

Pitter Pattern

Dear Readers,

Well, hi there!

the style letters: Pitter Pattern

After a maternity leave from the blog this summer, it’s so exciting to be back! (And not a nursing cami or elastic waistband in sight.) I can’t think of a better season to return than right now. Fall is my favorite everything, and I’m looking forward to wearing some of the year’s best trends here on the blog.

the style letters: Pitter Pattern

As temperatures start to dip, I’m relying on light layers and one of this season’s biggest shoe trends, the mule, to do the job. Light denim and a classic striped tee get an upgrade with a dressy day coat and major statement piece – perfect for casual Fridays at the office to happy hour later on. All my go-to pieces in one easy look.
Pitter Pattern_03 Pitter Pattern_06 Pitter Pattern_05 Pitter Pattern_04 the style letters: Pitter Pattern(J.Crew Jacket (old; cute alternatives here and here), Jeans, Necklace (old; love this option), and Mules; Gap T-Shirt)

How are you transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall? Share your favorite pieces below!

Our Family

Dear Readers,

About a week after Caroline arrived, Bojan Photography came to our home to take family photos – and oh my gosh, are they beautiful! So excited to finally share them with you here, especially the ones of our little peanut.

the style letters: Our Family OurFamily16_tsl OurFamily17_tslOurFamily20_tsl the style letters: Our Family the style letters: Our Family the style letters: Our Family OurFamily11_tsl OurFamily10_tsl OurFamily22_tsl OurFamily9_tsl OurFamily7_tsl OurFamily8_tsl OurFamily6_tsl OurFamily14_tsl OurFamily5_tsl OurFamily3_tsl OurFamily2_tsl OurFamily4_tsl the style letters: Our FamilyThanks to Meg and Chris of Bojan Photography for capturing such a special time in our lives! Caroline looks forward to many more photo shoots.

the style letters: Caroline's Birth Story

Caroline’s Birth Story

Dear Readers,

I’m pretty sure the Cleveland Cavaliers put me into labor.

the style letters: Caroline's Birth Story(Bella Baby Photography, taken at the hospital the day after Caroline was born)

A week overdue and extremely uncomfortable, I planned on heading in for an early morning induction on Wednesday, June 10. I tried everything to get this baby moving – spicy food, long walks, even hibiscus iced tea. Out of sheer boredom, I read the entire Divergent series and ate a sleeve of Saltines. Things had gotten out of hand, and I had pretty much accepted the fact that the only way Baby Mac was leaving the premises was through an induction.

CarolineBirthStory6 CarolineBirthStory3 the style letters: Caroline's Birth Story

And then the contractions started.

Early Tuesday afternoon, I started having mild contractions, about a half hour apart. I began to track them, knowing that early labor can take hours at best. They remained pretty steady until the Cavs’ playoff game that night. The contractions started to increase in both frequency and intensity, and by the end of the game, they were coming every fifteen minutes. And oh my God, were they painful. Unbeknownst to me, Caroline was “sunny side up,” which causes back labor – and let me tell you, it literally brought me to my knees. In less than two hours, my contractions progressed to four minutes apart, and I could barely walk. Mac dressed me and practically carried me to the car, speeding down Lake Shore Drive to the hospital.

CarolineBirthStory1 the style letters: Caroline's Birth Story

By the time I was admitted to Triage, I was on all fours in the waiting room and barely coherent. I can say with 100% certainty that I flashed all the nurses behind the desk when I flopped down on the sofa lounge during a particularly painful contraction. After a quick exam, they rushed me up to Labor and Delivery, where an angel of mercy (aka the anesthesiologist) administered the epidural.  The epidural, you guys – amazing. Not only did it provide complete and immediate pain relief, but I was able to give myself an extra dose twice an hour, feeling no contractions for the rest of my labor and delivery. (That’s right. I didn’t feel the birth at all. Not the breaking of the waters, not the pushing, not the crowning. It was magical.) I dilated from 2.5 centimeters to 7 in just three hours, and they let me rest for a while, albeit in several crazy positions to flip her face down. (Luckily, she obliged; the alternative would have been uncomfortable, to say the least.)

the style letters: Caroline's Birth Story

At 11am, I had reached 10 centimeters, and the doctor told us we’d be meeting our baby in less than an hour. I started crying, thinking about how long we had waited to meet our Baby Mac. I was so excited…and terrified. I had been nervous about childbirth for nine months, not knowing what to expect and full of every horror story out there. But it was beautiful. Maybe that’s the epidural talking, but I have never felt so capable or empowered to do what I needed to do in that moment. The nurses and our doctor coached me through each push, keeping me focused and encouraging me every step of the way. I kept looking at Mac’s face for reassurance, and it dawned on me that just when you think you couldn’t love someone more, you share an experience that makes you fall in love all over again. He was amazing.

the style letters: Caroline's Birth Story

And after pushing for 45 minutes, our beautiful baby girl arrived! Caroline Grace MacNamara was born at 12:01, weighing in at 8 pounds and 4 ounces and measuring 21 inches in length. Mac and I were 95% sure Baby Mac was a boy, so I can’t begin to tell you how surprised we were – we actually laughed when we saw her! It was just so perfect.

the style letters: Caroline's Birth S

I will never forget the moment they put her on my chest – she looked right at my face and stopped crying for a minute when I said her name. You always hear that the love you feel for your child is overwhelming, but what people don’t tell you is that it feels like you’ve somehow known this little person your whole life. Caroline was so familiar to me already; I had always been waiting for her. And every time I look at her, I think of that, how incredible it is that we belong to each other. Everything changed the moment she was born, and we can’t imagine it any other way. Caroline is our little love, and we can’t wait for all the adventures to come.

the style letters: Caroline's Birth Story