Great Expectations

Dear Readers,

It’s hard to believe that as I write this, I’m two weeks away from having Baby #2. Here’s the bump, in all its glory.

When Amanda from Bumblebee Boots Photography asked if I wanted to shoot maternity photos, I realized it hadn’t even crossed my mind this time around! But I didn’t want to let this moment go by, especially since this is probably the last time you’ll see me with a bump. This pregnancy has been its own journey, with its own milestones, and it means a lot to document it here.

And these photos surprised me. Not in their beauty – Amanda is incredible, as seen here and here – but in the way I see myself for the first time since March. I don’t look at these and immediately see an exhausted working mom or a body no longer my own. Instead, I just see a very happy, very grateful me. Because I am. I’ve been blessed to have a second baby and complete our family – this was always a dream but never a given. And despite the craziest year of my life, this baby is healthy and thriving and so damn cute. (My ultrasound pics confirmed it.) I’m just thankful that I get to experience this one more time and am so excited to bring this little person into our lives. That’s what you’re seeing here, and these photos will always remind me of that.

(LC Lauren Conrad Maternity Dress, Stella & Dot Earrings (similar here), Target Mossimo Supply Co. Flats)

A third trimester post is on its way next! Thanks so much for your continued well wishes and for visiting this space. Can’t wait to share the big announcement soon.

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