What We’ve Been Up To

Dear Readers,

Oh, hi there.

I know, I know – it’s been ages since I’ve posted. Working full-time and raising sweet Caroline has been, in a word, enough this past year. Our baby girl (now a toddler, as you’ll see below) is everything. And truth be told, I was burned out from the blogging scene for a long time. I lost the passion for it, and that time was better devoted to my family. But, I do miss writing, so I’d like to revisit this space, if only sporadically and dictated by Caroline’s nap schedule.

So, what have we been up to? A quick recap of major events:

  • Returned to work full time in February 2016. Raised a baby girl into this hilarious toddler. Traveled to Ireland and California. Learned how to function on very little sleep.
  • Accepted an amazing job opportunity in Cleveland in January 2017. Moved our family from Chicago to Cleveland in five weeks.
  • Currently house-hunting for our very first home. Preparing for Caroline’s second (that’s right, second) birthday in June.

Oh, and this.

Found out our first night in Cleveland.

(A very special thanks to Amanda Celis of Bumblebee Boots Photography for the incredible photos and to April Nemeth of Little Korboose for the beautiful hand-lettered sign – two of the most talented ladies in Cleveland!)

(My outfit: J.Crew Dress (on sale!), Splendid Sandals)

I’m looking forward to a fresh start here. We’re ready to put down roots, be near family and expand our own. Our three years in Chicago were unforgettable. Some of our best memories and favorite experiences happened there, and it brought us our daughter.

And we made some pretty grown-up decisions, too. Prior to my job offer, we were considering a move back home. After Caroline arrived, our feelings towards the city and what we wanted for our future changed. (Despite my insistence they wouldn’t. Words = fully devoured.) I’m sure I sound like every cliche out there, but we wanted more. A house with a yard. Family nearby. Great schools for Caroline. A more affordable lifestyle overall. Cleveland was in the cards; we just didn’t realize how soon.

So here we are, almost three months in. We joined the rec center and the library. I’m taking prenatal yoga classes at my old yoga studio. Caroline is at an amazing school, and Mac found a great position downtown. And I’m finally doing the job I’ve always wanted to do, something I’ve worked my entire career towards. It’s messy and chaotic and often exhausting, but it’s so, so good to be home.

Stay tuned for a first trimester recap! In the meantime, if you have a minute, I’d love to hear what content you’d like to see in the future. Thanks so much for coming back.

  • Congratulations on the new baby Maria! So happy that you guys have settled and are living the best life ever!

    • Maria MacNamara

      Thank you so much, Monica – it’s so good to hear from you! I really miss all of you girls and hope Chicago is treating you well. Things have been total chaos here – between the move, the new jobs/school, house hunting, etc. – but all is good, and we’re excited for all the adventures ahead!

  • Samantha Ann

    Congratulations to you and your family, Maria! And welcome back! 🙂

    • Maria MacNamara

      Thank you so much, Sam! Hope things are great with you and that we get to see each other around town soon!

  • So, so excited for you! I think no matter where you end up, Cleveland’s always part of you. I miss it a lot!

    • Maria MacNamara

      Thank you so much, Jessica! I’ve loved following your adventures, too – you were the most beautiful bride! Hope you guys are enjoying married life and that everything is great at your end!

  • Szilas Katalin

    It is so good to hear/read about you! I did not realize I had my daughter so little after you had yours, but right now I am even more interested in my favourite bloggers who face similar challenges (toddlers, work, life) even if in very different circumstances (I live in Hungary). Hope to hear more about you!