the style letters: Baby Mac's Nursery

Baby Mac’s Nursery

Dear Readers,

You know I love a good project, and my favorite of the last nine months has been decorating Baby Mac’s nursery. Mac and I set out to create a beautiful space for our baby that was happy, safe, and budget-friendly. With a few DIY hacks and some great finds at places like IKEA, Target, and Amazon, we transformed the second bedroom into a sweet little nook for Baby Mac.

the style letters: Baby Mac's Nursery

Inspiration: Although we planned on a delivery surprise, I always wanted a gender-neutral nursery that could evolve as our child grew. I imagined something stylish but kid-friendly. We started with mint green, thinking it would work perfectly for a girl or boy depending on what we paired it with. Gray, white, and accents of gold and black add pops of color throughout the room, and a mix of textures and patterns create visual interest for the baby. (The geometric mobile has to be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time.)

the style letters_nursery_06 the style letters_nursery_07 the style letters: Thirty-Nine Weeks the style letters_nursery_10 the style letters: Baby Mac's Nursery

DIY: Mac really gave Martha Stewart a run for her money these past nine months. In addition to many projects outside the nursery, he tackled a few in Baby Mac’s room, too. We started with the wardrobe, which originally sported frosted glass panels straight out of 1970. Mac popped those suckers out and replaced them with chalkboard, painting the trim the same mint color as the walls. We can’t wait to leave messages for Baby Mac on there (and see him/her write their own someday!).

the style letters: Baby Mac's Nursery the style letters: Baby Mac's Nursery

A few other fun DIYs? Mac stumbled across a photo of a mint nursery with a striped accent wall and set to work in Baby Mac’s room, painting one right behind the crib. I’m so in love with it! Due to the angle of the bookcase, he built a little ledge to fasten the baby moniter to, assembled every piece of furniture (and toy), and hung all the photo frames and prints. He’s awesome.

the style letters_nursery_16 the style letters_nursery_08 the style letters_nursery_09

Little Details: Many of the prints chosen for the gallery wall have special meaning, from the illustrated mice by an Irish artist (a beautiful gift from my mother-in-law) to one of my favorite lines from Where The Wild Things Are. I bought Mac the zebra print after we found out we were expecting, and I chose “You Are My Sunshine” because my mother always used to sing it to me when I was little. And, of course, the “C” is a little nod to Baby Mac’s future initial.

the style letters_nursery_19 the style letters_nursery_20

We also put together a toy basket of stuffed animals from when we were younger, and the “library” is full of all our loved ones’ favorite childhood books, chosen especially for Baby Mac. We can’t wait to do the newborn shoot and fill these frames with photos of our baby’s face and us as a family of three. (I couldn’t help but frame two of our maternity photos already!)

the style letters_nursery_13 the style letters_nursery_14 the style letters: Thirty-Nine Weeks

Baby Buys:

Now all we need is a Baby Mac.

  • Tara Power

    Oh my GOD, guys! I’m getting choked up here! What a beautiful nursery, and someone get Mac a beer STAT after all that work haha! 🙂 You guys are just gonna be the coolest parents 🙂 P.S mint green is my fav colour!

    • Maria MacNamara

      Thank you so much, lady! We just love being in there and can’t wait to show Baby Mac (even if he/she will be underwhelmed by it, hahaha). Miss and love you tons!

  • Rachel

    This nursery is adorable! I can’t wait to see pictures of Baby Mac!

    • Maria MacNamara

      Thank you so much, Rachel! We have just been so excited over the past few weeks – we just need a baby for that room. 🙂 Have loved seeing all your wedding/honeymoon photos – you were the most beautiful bride!

  • Samantha Ann


    • Maria MacNamara

      Thank you, Sam! We had such a blast putting this together.

  • Love completing DYIs! This nursery is so well throughout and really came together nicely! Thanks for sharing.