the style letters: Twenty-Seven Weeks

Twenty-Seven Weeks

the style letters: Twenty-Seven Weeks(Print by Bella Carta Boutique)

How Far Along: 27 weeks

What Baby Mac Is Up To: Our tiny rutabaga (I seriously had to look that up – not your standard garden vegetable this week) is now sleeping and waking at regular intervals and sucking his/her thumb. Baby Mac also gets the hiccups from time to time, which is a much softer rumbling compared to the Karate Kid-worthy kicks I receive throughout the day. I also just read that at the 27th week, it’s possible to hear the baby’s heartbeat through my stomach!

What I’m Wearing: With spring just around the corner (Chicago, please get the memo), I picked up this pretty Liz Lange Maternity top at Target and took advantage of Old Navy’s big 40% off sale to stock up on dresses I can wear now and after Baby Mac arrives. This summer, I’m all about keeping things as easy as possible…without sacrificing style.

the style letters: Twenty-Seven WeeksFloral |Eyelet| Polka Dot | Stripe

How I’m Feeling: That second trimester energy is slowly but surely starting to wane! I’m feeling pretty tired these days, although a lot of that is due to a busy work schedule and back-to-back trips. It might be time to start slowing things down a little, now that we’ve finished a bunch of projects at home and completed the nursery.

What’s On My Mind Lately: March will be a big month for us, as we plan to enroll in our first choice for day care and finish the last of our to-do list before the baby comes. We’re also headed back to “school” in April: we signed up for classes on labor and delivery, breastfeeding 101, baby basics, and CPR for babies. I’m hoping that we’ll walk away from these classes feeling a little more confident, although I imagine there will be moments where I’ll feel completely overwhelmed and will need a treat of some sort immediately. I definitely do not intend to watch any videos of women giving birth. I’ve seen one before and will remember every second of it for the rest of my life – I prefer to just “enjoy” it for myself in June.

What I’m Craving: Oranges, smoothies, and Wild Flour’s cassata cake (which I will be having at my shower in less than one week).

What I’m Looking Forward To: Our baby shower! We can’t wait to celebrate Baby Mac with our friends and family in Ohio.

Coolest Moment This Week: I’m pretty sure I felt Baby Mac do a somersault – or at least a full-on roll from one side of my stomach to the other! He/she is learning all kinds of tricks in there.