the style letters: Matchy-Matchy


Dear Readers,

For years, I’ve avoided outfits that were too perfect – I always needed something to look a little off or thrown together in that effortless (read: actually took a lot of thought and effort) way. But after reading my spring issues from cover to cover and obsessing over Fall 2015’s lineup, I’m having a change of heart. Maybe matchy-matchy is the way to go.

the style letters: Matchy-Matchy

Like this quilted sweatshirt and polka dot blouse from Loft, for example. I’m loving the tomato red here, especially the pop of color near my foot. A gray clutch picks up the same hue in my pumps, yet the whole look doesn’t feel overdone. It’s matchy-matchy all grown up, and I can’t wait to try it with pastels this spring. (Bonus? The side zip on this sweatshirt allows for bigger belly expansion. High five, Loft, high five.)

the style letters_Matchy Matchy_03 the style letters_Matchy Matchy_08 the style letters_Matchy Matchy_05 the style letters_Matchy Matchy_06the style letters_Matchy Matchy_10the style letters_Matchy Matchy_09 the style letters: Matchy-Matchy(Loft Sweatshirt and Blouse, J.Crew Pixie Maternity Pants (non-maternity here), Popbasic Clutch, ShoeDazzle Pumps)

  • This is adorable!

    Brittany x

    • Maria MacNamara

      Thank you so much, Brittany! I wore a lot of dark colors in the first trimester (mostly to hide the fact that I was pregnant until I was ready to share the news), so now I’m all about bright color and fun patterns these days! And clothes that fit. I’m all about that these days, too. 😉

      Hope you’re doing great!