Style Views: Meet Marisa

the style letters will feature a new interview each month on seasonal fashion and favorite trends, all from the perspectives of some very stylish ladies.

This month, Marisa Zerby from A Lovely Living shows us how to stay cute in the coldest of weather. (Because let’s face it, winter decided to come a little early this year.)

~ Meet Marisa ~

Hi, I’m Marisa from A Lovely Living, a style and lifestyle blog where I share my favorites in fashion, food and family. I’m thrilled to be sharing with you on the style letters today and hope you enjoy reading!

As the cold weather seems to be settling in for most of the country, I wanted to share with you some ideas on my cold weather picks, all of which will help take your outfit up a notch or two.

1) Faux Fur Accessories: Fur has really grown on me over the past few years. Maybe I had to reach a certain maturity and level of comfort in my own skin before I could sport it with confidence, but now that I’m there, I can’t stop! It can add class and elegance to an outfit in a very bold way.


(See options: Hats: here and here. Vest: here and here. Scarf: herehere, and here)

2) Stand-out Outerwear: It’s easy for the gloomy winter weather to lure us into buying black, gray, beige and navy outerwear. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve fallen into the trap, too, and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with those choices. They often make sense. What I recommend is stepping out of your comfort zone and choosing a coat in an unexpected color. You wouldn’t believe the amount of compliments I have received wearing the coats shown below. On their own, the coats aren’t anything out of the ordinary. It’s the pop of color that can brighten up your whole look, which you very well may know, since Maria has already showed you this through her bio pic above! That would also be the coat that most recently got her into InStyle Magazine, in case you needed more convincing 😉


(See options here and here)

3) Scarves: I am a scarf junkie. There are certain stores that I know I can’t walk into without ending up with a new one! Since scarves are often necessary during the fall/winter, I find that it’s important to have a variety on hand. Often outfits fall together at the last minute and the more options you have on hand to complete your outfit the better! From infinity, bandana, blanket, and skinny scarves made of wool, cotton, linen, and cashmere, and formed into plaids, weaves, knits, and more, your options are endless. My best advice is to grab one when you find one that calls your name. You won’t regret having it on hand!


(See options here, here and here)

Thanks for reading along and make sure to stay warm while looking fabulous this season!

~ ~ ~

LOVE your winter favorites, Marisa! As the temperature rapidly drops in Chicago, I will be following your advice all season long. (Especially the bright coats – bring on the color!)

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