the style letters: Style Views: Meet Lindsay

Style Views: Meet Lindsay

the style letters will feature a new interview each month on seasonal fashion and favorite trends, all from the perspectives of some very stylish ladies.

This month, Lindsay Humes of White Oak Creative and The Garden Apt. finds style inspiration in her new favorite read, #GIRLBOSS.

~ Meet Lindsay ~


Hi! I’m Lindsay Humes, and I’m the designer behind White Oak Creative.

the style letters: Style Views: Meet Lindsay

I worked with Maria (and Mac) on the redesign of her site. Since I work from home, 60% of my days consist of sweats (not the kind that are in style now) and a hot mess of a ponytail. Thus being said, I’m the farthest thing from a style blogger, but I do have a personal blog – The Garden Apt – where I write a somewhat regular series called Wearing Lit. Wearing Lit is a pairing of literature and style, or less eloquently, a book report with clothes and accessories.

Recently, I read #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amorusa, founder of NASTYGAL, for the virtual book club coordinated by Sarah Lagen of The Kissing Booth Blog. I figured that this book would be perfect for the readers of the style letters.

#GIRLBOSS is part memoir, part self-help/inspirational text for young women who want to define their own career path. Amorusa’s professional path is non-traditional and extremely rare, but I think her mentality is something anyone can appreciate. One of the biggest things I found appealing about this work is her ownership of her mistakes. Amorusa owns it, but she’s not apologetic about who she is and where she’s come from. What I took away from her book: if you want to change your professional life or just your life in general, you do it yourself. You go after it whole-heartedly, and you see where it takes you. It might not take you where you thought, but it’s about taking ownership of what you want.

And what to wear as a #GIRLBOSS? NASTYGAL of course! Everyone’s version of a #GIRLBOSS is different: suits, dresses, casual, or whatever. I put together my #GIRLBOSS ensemble, which fully embraces a casual, no fuss lifestyle. I like pieces that I can wear 5 out of 7 days a week (no joke), like these skinny jeans, or this blouse and sweater. Lately, I take my bucket bag everywhere (similar pictured). It’s a great size – not too big to be clunky, but large enough that it fits my iPad and notebooks. I’m also really big into unique pieces like vintage and handmade jewelry, and it’s kind of awesome that a big retailer like NASTYGIRL has vintage options. So that, in a nut shell, is my #GIRLBOSS.

the style letters: Style Views: Meet Lindsay

Moisturizer // Hat // Cutting Corners Top // Report Jackal Boot

~ ~ ~

LOVE how you paired literature and style in this month’s Style Views and hope to have you back for a Style Reads review someday, Lindsay!

  • SarahLagen

    I love this — great #GIRLBOSS review and BOTH are totally a #Girlboss!! PS- I love this bucket bag you featured!!

    • Maria MacNamara

      Sarah, I can’t wait to read the book! It’s been on my wishlist for ages, and this review only sealed the deal (and prompted me to order it immediately on Amazon). Would love to feature you on the blog soon – up for a Style View anytime soon?

      • SarahLagen

        Heck yes girl!! I would be so honored, email me what you need! 🙂 Travel safe back to Chicago

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