the style letters: Style You: Clutch Essentials

Style You: Clutch Essentials

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Dear Maria,

I love clutches, but I can never get everything to fit! What are some key essentials to pack in a clutch for the night?

~ Maggie ~ the style letters: Style You: Clutch Essentials Hi Maggie!

This has always been a challenge for me in the past, so I can definitely relate! As much as I love the look of a compact bag or bejeweled clutch for a night out, I have to be realistic about what I need, too. No matter how cute a clutch might be, it should have enough room to hold the following (and still be able to snap shut!):

  • Phone (If space is really limited, consider taking your phone out of its case for the night.)
  • Keys
  • License and credit card
  • Mints or gum (Throw two or three sticks in there and keep the pack at home.)
  • Tissues (Same deal as the gum.)
  • Lipstick
  • Powder (if room allows) or blotting papers

The idea is that you have everything you need to get from A to B, resources for emergencies, and supplies for touch-ups. If a clutch can hold all of the above, you’re good to go! If not, let’s hope your date has pockets.

Thanks for writing to Style You, Maggie!

  • Tomissa Porath

    Great ideas, Maria! I always forget one or two of these things. Definitely heeding this advice for the wedding I’m attending this weekend. 🙂

    • Maria MacNamara

      Thanks, Tomissa! I have this down to a science now…yet, I still fall for the itty bitty bags, too. 🙂 Which is reason #879 why my husband is a saint.

      • Tomissa Porath

        This did the trick for the wedding last weekend! Thanks again for your expertise.

        • Maria MacNamara

          Hooray! The minute I realized how much room I could save by taking things out of packets and cases, the minute my clutch experience changed for the better. 😉