Style You: Suits + Sandals

Dear Maria,

Are sandals appropriate in the workplace? I have so many cute pairs in my closet, but I’m not sure what’s ok to wear!

~ Katie ~

(Image via Late Afternoon)

Hi Katie!

Great question – I actually just had this conversation with a coworker the other day. Work environments vary by dress code, but here’s my general rule: If you’d wear it at the beach, you shouldn’t wear it in the boardroom. This includes flip flops of all kinds, even the bejeweled variety. (A flip flop is still a flip flop, no matter how much it sparkles.)

And this season, there are so many chic styles appropriate for the office. I’m loving wedges with maxi and midi skirts and strappy gladiators with shifts and sundresses. For a more casual look, a t-strap sandal is perfect for Fridays. Work in a conservative field? Try peep-toe pumps with pencil skirts or tailored trousers. (At least you can still show off that pedi!)

Thanks for writing in, Katie!

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  • I love the color and pattern combo of these outfits! And I agree, no matter how cute the sandals, they have no place in the office environment. One should always maintain a professional look at all times. Great post!

  • Thank you so much! I love answering these Style You questions, as it always gives me something new to think about. And I agree–you have to keep it covered up at work. 🙂

    If you have any style dilemmas on the brain, send them my way!

    ~ M ~