Style Steals: Spring Scents

Dear Readers,

New season, new scents. I love so many of the fragrances out this spring and with rollerballs for $30 or less, you can try two or three for the price of one large bottle! It makes perfect scents. (Had to.)

Here are a few new (plus tried and true) favorites.

  • I love having a few smaller fragrances to keep things fresh. One of the best tips I’ve ever received is to get new perfume for each vacation so whenever you smell that scent, you are taken back to those fond memories!

    • Tomissa,

      I love that idea–different scents remind me of my favorite things (or people), and I love extending that thought to vacations! What are some of your favorites?

      Thanks for reading!

      ~ M ~

  • What a great idea… I always think that scent smells different on your skin.

  • What a great idea… I always think that perfume smells better on the skin.