Style Views: Meet Emily

the style letters will feature a new interview each month on seasonal fashion and favorite trends, all from the perspectives of some very stylish ladies.

From pretty pastels to edgy crop tops, Chicago blogger Emily VanderBeek of Isn’t That Charming shares four spring trends she’ll be wearing all season long.

~ Emily ~

When Maria asked me to put together my favorite trends for April, I was overjoyed. Not only is the style letters a staple read while easing into my morning, but I adore Maria’s style and her knack for wearing classics with a twist just right.

To me, springtime fashion is all about embracing transition weather and feminine touches. Particularly while living in the Midwest, where one day it’s 75 and sunny and the next it’s 40 and rainy, adaptable pieces are a must.

Below are the top trends I’ve been wearing this April. Have you been rocking any of these yet this season, too?

Versatile Booties – Skirt? Pants? Dress? Check all the above – these bad boys are fitting for any look. Booties immediately funkify an outfit by giving it a chic edge. Plus, they’re comfortable, which makes for an ideal situation if you get caught in April showers. #winning

Pretty Pastels – I mean, come on. What’s a spring trend post without this palette in the mix? Light pink, baby blue, and mint green are on constant rotation over here.

Feminine Florals – Another spring staple. Lately I’ve been wearing airy, neutral-colored florals, which gives the look a romantic twist.

Edgy Crop Tops – Britney is definitely saying, “Oops I did it again.” Bad joke, I know, but honestly, who could have guessed that this trend would come back in full force? I have to admit, despite embarrassing memories of my middle-school self imitating pop stars, I’m loving that this trend is back. Worn with long maxi skirts, it’s oh-so flirty and refreshing!

A huge thanks to Maria for having me as a part of the Style Views! Be sure to swing by Isn’t That Charming, where I blog about style, DIY projects, and inspiration for a charmed life.

~ ~ ~

Love everything on your list, Emily – thanks in advance for the outfit inspirations!

  • Would love to know where she got the dress on the right!

    • Hi Jessica!

      It’s from Anthropologie and should currently be in stores/online!

      ~ M ~

  • Thanks so much for having me, Maria!
    Isn’t That Charming.

    • Thank YOU so much for being a part of this series! Loved your post and can’t wait to put together some outfits!

      ~ M ~

  • Emily has great style, this was a marvellous post 🙂 xx

    • She really does–I want every single look featured here!

      Thanks so much for reading!

      ~ M ~