Style Views: Meet Kira

the style letters will feature a new interview each month on seasonal fashion and favorite trends, all from the perspectives of some very stylish ladies.

This month, Kira Sandmann of Little Daily Reflections shares five spring trends we have to try.

~ Kira ~

Thanks so much to Maria for having me here today! I’m so excited to share the style & beauty trends I’m trying this season, and to hear which ones are at the top of your list.

Now, we Midwestern girls know that Spring is a relative term in our neck of the woods – one day it’s beautiful, warm, & sunny, and the next day, well, it could be snowing! (Sorry I had to mention the dreaded “S” word.) 😉 So here’s how I’m wearing my latest favorites, in all kinds of layers & fabrics.

Five Style & Beauty Trends I’m Trying This Spring:

1. Big, Bold Florals

{(1) Pants – (2) Top/Pants – (3) Skirt}

These aren’t your Grandma’s ditsy florals! I am loving the new large-scale floral prints we’re seeing right now. They make such an impact, and they’re so easy to wear, since they totally carry your look. All you need is one piece with “oomph,” then keep everything else simple & monochromatic to let your statement piece do its thing.

2. Black & White

{(1) Top/Flats}

Is black & white ever really not in style? Such a classic look is always a safe bet, but you sure can have fun with it by mixing up your prints & textures. I get tons of extra mileage out of my “Winter” tweeds & bouclés by pairing them with spring sheath dresses and flirty skirts! Pattern mixing is made so easy when you stick to a neutral palette like this one – you can’t go wrong.

3. Pastels

{(1) Jacket/Jeggings – (2) Sweatshirt/Shorts – (3) Shirt/Jeans}

Pastels for spring could be ho-hum, but when you wear them in interesting and unexpected fabrics & patterns (like in a silky bomber jacket or – no surprise here! – a large-scale floral sweatshirt), they look instantly updated. They also work great as accents (like pale pink pumps, a light blue crossbody bag, or even lavender nail color) if pastels in larger doses still make you feel like an Easter egg. 😉

4. Emerald Eyeliner


Switching gears over to beauty…. I’m *dying* to try out bright eyeliner, particularly in emerald – and I especially love the twist of wearing it just underneath the eye, like Jessica Biel, above. What a fabulous (and oh-so-simple) way to lend an unexpected pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit!

5. The Long Bob (AKA the “Lob”)


This last one might be the one I’m most looking forward to this season. Even though I’ve had long hair most of my life, I think I’m ready to take off some serious length for this Spring & Summer. Enter: The Lob – short enough to be a big change, still long enough to do fun things with. And, best of all, I just might be able to rock my natural wave again!

So, that’s my list – I’d love to know what’s on yours!

~ ~ ~

Can’t wait to try these trends, Kira! (Spring weather or not.)

  • Gahhhh I was DYING over that floral Anthro tank in the top image! It is so voluminous and gorgeous in person. Love how your wore it, Kira! I love the look of the “Lob” but have to say I did it last spring and regretted it :/ So I wish you better luck and I’m sure you’ll rock it!

    • Rachael–isn’t that top amazing?! I love all of these outfits. I told Kira I would be visiting this post regularly for style inspiration this spring. I might even try the eyeliner!

      ~ M ~