Style Reads: In My Shoes (Tamara Mellon)


(Image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar)

Every girl has style moments they remember forever, and I had many during my time at Jimmy Choo. We used to hear stories about how gorgeous co-founder Tamara Mellon was in real life, from the white fur carpeting in her London office, to her archived closet of 3,000 stiletto pumps in every color and snakeskin. And she was dating Christian Slater at the time! Beyond fabulous.

Many years (and pairs of Jimmy Choo’s) later, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Mellon’s memoir. (Truth be told, I pre-ordered it weeks before its release.)

So grab a glass of wine and get comfortable — curling up with In My Shoes is like the ultimate gossip session with that friend who brings a lot of drama (and let’s face it, a lot of fun) everywhere she goes. And this memoir has it all: addiction, divorce, scandal, and plenty of name-dropping to keep the most celebrity-obsessed reader interested along the way. At times self-serving and melodramatic, In My Shoes is also refreshingly honest and often funny; Mellon has a gift for storytelling and certainly a few to tell from her tumultuous tenure at Jimmy Choo. (Backstabbing colleagues, a wayward husband, and a vengeful mother play villain throughout.)

What readers may not know about Tamara Mellon is that she’s more than just a beautiful face behind a glamorous lifestyle. Mellon’s incredible talent for design and ability to build a successful brand is second to none, and her recently launched namesake line will hold testament to that. She shares her achievements as readily as her failures, and it’s the lessons learned along the way that will most resonate with fashionistas and aspiring businesswomen alike.

This girl will be rooting for her all the way.

  • I’ve been dying to read this! Also, I didn’t know you worked at Jimmy Choo! How glam. xoxo

    • Nadine, you have to do it over the holidays–it’s SO good! The perfect cozy night in – and – glass of wine kind of deal.

      I worked at Jimmy Choo from 2007 to 2008 in Dublin, Ireland! There are a lot of crazy stories from that time period. 😉 (And great shoes.)

      ~ M ~

  • I definitely want to read this! Love me some insider gossip 🙂 Jimmy Choo, man… Them were the days!

    • Tara,

      You HAVE to read this! I think we need to write our own book from that time period. 😉

      ~ M ~

  • Still have to get this, I got scared off by several bad reviews saying she just complains the whole time how she’s been wronged by all these people. But if it is a fast read and juicy, then maybe I can dig it.

    • Arabella,

      Oh, there’s definitely a lot of that, which at times is a turn-off, but it’s interesting to read everything that was going on in her life during that time period–I worked for the company and had no idea she was going through all of that! And in such a gossipy industry, you’d think stuff would get out. It was a fun read for sure.

      ~ M ~