Style You: A Tights Situation

Dear Maria,

One subject that comes to mind is the subject of tights! How long do I have to wear them before I can go barelegged? Like, if it’s May, but still chilly, do I have to wear them?

This is a great question, Rachael…one to which my answer will not be sensible to many during this particularly frosty week.

I’m a big believer in evaluating the comfort — to — style ratio: If you’re going to spend five seconds walking from car to door (and the rest of the day inside), lose the tights no matter what time of year it is! I don’t suggest combining this look with sandals and sleeveless tops in February (save those items for warmer months), but bare legs with a simple dress or skirt are sometimes a necessity.

For example, I prefer not to wear tights under pencil skirts because the fabric bunches up over the nylons, so I skip them altogether. And with the exception of boots, I never wear socks, so the tops of my feet are pretty much exposed year round. Personally, I’d rather be cold for a couple minutes than uncomfortable all day long.

Besides, a little chill on a brisk walk never hurt anyone.

(Pasty skin? Exfoliate, shave, and put on one coat of St. Tropez’s Everyday Gradual Tan For Body the night before; in the morning, apply lotion for an extra glow. Done.)

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  • Thanks for this tip! I always wonder what to do. Living in the midwest, the weather is always up for grabs. 🙂

    • Erin,

      I know exactly what you mean! I have a very short walk from my car to the entrance at work, so slipping on a pair of snow boots and changing into my heels once I’m inside is no big deal; for someone with a longer outdoor trek, I can see where more bundling up might be in order.

      And if anyone can recommend tights that WON’T cause a pencil skirt to bunch up uncomfortably, I’m all in! Until then, I have to go bare. 🙂

      ~ Maria ~