Style Reads: kate spade new york: things we love

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This month…kate spade new york: things we love: twenty years of inspiration, intriguing bits, and other curiosities.

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“Live Colorfully” might be part of kate spade new york‘s most recent campaign, but it certainly describes the brand’s aesthetic from day one.

With her sophisticated charm and touch of whimsy, Kate Spade redefined everyday glamour with her first collection of fashionable yet functional nylon bags in bright pops of color. Since 1993, the brand has expanded to clothes and accessories, home decor, stationary, perfume, and lipstick (just to name a few). And now, Deborah Lloyd, the company’s current President and Creative Director, compiles kate spade new york‘s best and brightest in kate spade new york: things we love: twenty years of inspiration, intriguing bits, and other curiosities

Both loyal devotees and the newly obsessed will fall in love with the charming inspirations behind the brand.things we love gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the many muses behind kate spade new york; iconic images of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe sit alongside fashion illustrations and ad campaigns of years past. Each of the book’s twenty chapters is filled with things to love, from a well-placed bow and bold blooms, to beautiful typography and all things sparkly. Practical advice and playful ideas will delight readers from beginning to end, and no book would be complete without a perfect Bloody Mary recipe and a cha-cha dance lesson. Lloyd also pays tribute to the cities, literature, and cinema that have influenced the brand’s creative process. And yes, there’s even a chapter dedicated to polka dots.

In two decades, a classic boxy nylon handbag has evolved into a lifestyle, beloved by everyone from 20-somethings in the city to busy moms in the suburbs. kate spade new york brings a sense of adventure to style and encourages us to have fun, be curious, and smile often, something you’ll most certainly do with things we love

  • Kate Spade = Class. I love the color, but also the preppy timelessness of the pieces. Sure they are a bit more pricey, but if you have something from Kate Spade, you will have it FOREVER!

  • Erin, couldn’t agree with you more. Their prices have definitely increased with time (and popularity), but I can honestly say that I still have every Kate Spade I’ve ever bought to this day–and they’re STILL in style, going back to my first bag in 1998! In fact, I’ll be bringing out some blasts from the past this spring. 😉